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Ferrari FZ93
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Introduction year of introduction+Where(auto show)
Class Concept Car
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Height Height - type here
Wheelbase wheelbase - type here
Weight 3175 lbs
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
Engine 4.9L Flat-12
Power 428 hp @ 6750 rpm
362 lb-ft of torque @ 5500 rpm
Similar similar (competition)
Designer Zagato

The Ferrari FZ93 is a concept car designed by Zagato and based on the Ferrari Testarossa.

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Unique Attributes

The F60/Enzo has some design features inherited from this vehicle. Note the overall shape of both Enzo and FZ93's F1 styled nose.

The FZ93 was designed by Zagato (Italy).


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Please include any external sites that were used in collaborating this data, including manufacturer sites, in this section. This Ferrari prototype is not as well known and is one-of supercar built on Testarossa for the 1993 Geneva Auto Show. Called the Formula Zagato ‘93 (FZ93), it followed a small series of curious Zagato 348s and some classic Zagato-Ferraris which were all built in exclusive numbers.

The FZ93 was created by Ercole Spada who made a return to Zagato and designed this car. Ercole was responsible for the legendary Aston Martin DB4 Zagato and more recent cars like the iconic Alfa Romeo 155. His Testarossa made no concessions to the original and featured stylistic creases, huge air intakes and pleasing curves.

When first released at Geneva, the FZ93 featured an awkward two-tone paint scheme and huge black cavallinos which easily distracted the viewer from the actual lines of the car. Since its release, Zagato has repainted the entire body blood red and never looked back.

Paintwork aside, the FZ93 was initially received with mixed emotions and most viewers tended to prefer the original Pininfarina-designed Testarossa better. However, the FZ93 definitely had a influence on the Ferrari Enzo which was released almost 10 years later. Both cars share the same Formula-inspired nose and overall shape.