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Rally painting.jpg
Bentley R Type
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Body Style Saloon, Coupe, Drophead Coupe(R Type), Fastback(R Type Continental)
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Wheelbase 120 in / 3,048mm
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Transmission 4-speed manual
Engine 4,566 cc Inline 6-cylinder
Power 150 bhp at 4,500 rpm (est)
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The R Type was the second series of post-war Bentley automobile, replacing the Mark VI. The front of the saloon model was identical to the Mark VI, but many had custom coachwork.

The Continental model was produced specially for continental Europe, with many coachbuilt by H.J. Mulliner. This would be the first appearance of the famed Bentley Continental name.

All R Type models used an iron-block/aluminum-head straight-6 engine fed by twin SU carburettors. The basic engine displaced 4.6 L (4566 cc/278 in³) with a 92.08 mm (3.6 in) bore and 114.3 mm (4.5 in) stroke. The Continental had a larger bore of 94.62 mm (3.7 in) for a total displacement of 4.9 L (4887 cc/298 in³).

A 4-speed manual transmission was standard with a 4-speed automatic optional.

Production numbers

  • Bentley R Type: 2320 (303 with coachbuilt bodies)
  • Bentley R Continental: 207 (plus one prototype)