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Artega (otherwise known as Paragon AG) started life as an electronics, control and display component supplier to almost every major car manufacturer. It is based Delbruck, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany and founded by CEO Klaus Dieter Frers. Eventually, it was decided to manufacture and sell series production road cars. For guidance, Frers turned to legendary car designer Albrecht Graf Goertz and eventually met Henrik Fisker in 2006 whom he commissioned to design his high-performance sports car, rear-wheel drive, lightweight sportscar. The result is the Artega GT, a showcase of Paragon's extensive electronic multimedia systems expertise that was shaped in the University of Stuttgart's wind tunnel breathed life into by VAG-sourced engine and transmission.

In early 2010, the company was sold to Tresalia Capital (which has held a stake in Artega since October of 2008). Tresalia Capital is headed by Linda Alvarado, a Mexican beer baroness and considered the country's most powerful woman.


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