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AGA was a German automobile company, once quite large, which manufactured its wares in Berlin from 1919 to 1929, and which by 1922 was manufacturing 1000 cars a month. It was part of the Stinnes group of companies. AGA stood for Autogen Gasaccumulator AG, a company originally founded in 1914.

The first car, the Typ A of 1919 had a 1420 cc four-cylinder car. The more successful Typ C followed in 1921 with the same engine but tuned to give more power and was sometimes used as a taxi. After Hugo Stinnes died in 1924, AGA and its sister companies Dinos, which was bought in 1925 to increase production space, and Rabag which was licensed to build Bugatti cars at the time, ran into difficulties. Plans for a six cylinder model never reached the production stage. From 1926, production was severely curtailed and stopped completely in 1929 after about 8000 had been made.

Willy Loge drove a 6/30PS sports-racing version which had a 1490cc engine, and which won many races and was entered in the 1926 German Grand Prix. Other racers also drove AGA cars.

The Swedish Thulin company made AGA cars under licence between 1920 and 1924.